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Mini charlottes

with chocolate mousse

Mini charlottes with chocolate mousse Cook Expert

Preparation : 20 min Resting : 4 hr
Cooking : 10 min Equipment :
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Serves 6 :
60 g sugar
100 ml water
20 sponge fingers (approx.)
(broken into halves/thirds
depending on the ramekin size)
200 dark chocolate, roughly chopped
5 eggs, separated
100 g double cream
1 pinch salt
1Put the sugar and water into the metal bowl. Run the EXPERT programme for 7 minutes/speed 4/120°C. Use this syrup for the sponge fingers. Set aside.
1Fit the whisk and put the whites into the bowl with a pinch of salt, remove the cap from the lid and run the WHISK programme. Set the egg whites aside and clean the bowl.
2Put the chocolate and cream into the metal bowl; run the EXPERT programme for 5 minutes/speed 3/60°C. Scrape the wall of the bowl down and restart the programme for 1 minute. Add the egg yolks through the opening. Run the EXPERT programme (without heating) for 20 seconds/speed 10. Transfer the chocolate mixture to a bowl and set aside.
3Using a spatula gently fold the whisked egg whites into the chocolate mixture.
4Set the chocolate mousse aside for at least 2 hours before serving.
1Line 6 mini charlotte moulds or ramekins with clingfilm. Place a small spoonful of the cooled chocolate mousse at the bottom of each mould. Brush the sponge fingers with the syrup; they should be well saturated but not soggy. Line the sides of the moulds with sponge finger halves or thirds. Fill the moulds with chocolate mousse and fold the clingfilm over the top.
2Refrigerate the charlottes for at least 2 hours before serving.
© photographs Sandra Mahut
© Hachette Livre (Marabout) 2016


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